SPF, clutch stop and dead pedal

While I was "in there" moving my pedal box, I noticed that it hat a spare hole just left of the clutch, that could be used to attach a dead pedal. But I also wanted a clutch stop.

After some thought I got a girder clamp girder-clamp-p2745-2531_medium.jpg out of my "I'm gonna need this some day" box, some M8 and M10 threaded rods, a piece of 3mm steel sheet and went to work.

The clutch stop is adjustable. The dead pedal is where it is.

And this is the finished result. Will have to see how it works.

Sorry about the sideway pictures, I can't get them to show the right way round (and please don't comment on my welds ;) )

And sorry about the typo in the title, but I can't edit it. Maybe an admin can help.