SPF MkII at Ford Meet

I'd like to share some pictures of Jerry Douglas' SPF MKII that I took this week at a Ford Performance meet in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a terrific 4-day event with two days of driving at a 10-turn road course, cruise night, all ford drag races, banquet, and car show. His MKII has a NOS 427 sideoiler he found in the original crate. The car has the engine deck removed and a plexiglass deck installed so the engine can be viewed. Also a pic of Jerry leading a new GT and some Mustang Cobras on the track.


We should have asked who would be at the meet before we all went. I was just up the hill by the bleachers in the last open garage. I was diving a friends SPF cobra. There were 5 or 6 cobras in our garage area all the time. I almost walked down to look at the red GT but just never made it. Anyway, it was a great weekend, even with the rain! Next year maybe we can all get together for a beer.
Dang Dean, I wish I would've asked who was going. Guys, if you like to drag, track race, drive, or show your cars, this is one meet to put on the calendar for next year. Here is the website: New Page 1 I've made it my "fishing trip" for years now.
Mark, Thank you for the nice pictures you took of gt40p2124. It was a pleasure to meet you and find that you make plexiglass parts for gt 40's.
Still learning how to drive the GT on the track completely different than the cobra. The car has so much torque that when you throttle it in a turn it tends to lift the front end enough to allow the front tires to break loose and under steer, a little spooky, any advice from experienced gt40 guys on how to handle this would be appreciated.
I ran gt40p2124 at the Tulsa dragstrip just for grins on Sat at the dragstrip event put on by Shelby Mid America. I was in the zf protection mode (read no wheel spin and no gear jamming) and turned 12.3 seconds at 119 mph.
Jerry Douglas
SPF gt40p2124

I have not seen anything posted regarding the sale of P2124. Can you give us an update please?..............and possibly a picture or two of the interior?

Thanks in advance for you time,
You are the second person to relate the problem of the front end getting light in a SPF MK11. I would think different springs in the rear may be needed