Sponsoring Vendors/ How to Advertise on GT40s.com

Ron Earp

Staff member
If you are interested in advertising on GT40s.com then you've found the right thread. GT40s.com has a new vendor structure that I trust will meet the needs of our vendors and members alike. We will now only have one type of vendor, a Sponsoring Vendor.

The Sponsoring Vendor status will cost $425 per year and will have the following privileges:

  • Ability to post in the Vendor Announcements subforum and advertise their wares and services.
  • Ability to have an advertising signature with a link to their company website.
  • Ability to have an advertising Avatar of large size (120x120 pixels)
  • Five times the normal users’ Private Message space (500 messages)
  • A Sponsoring Vendor will be denoted by the title “Sponsoring Vendor” and a waving checkered flag icon.
A Sponsoring Vendor can purchase a banner advertisement for an additional $775 per year. To be clear, you must be a Sponsoring Vendor to be eligible to purchase a banner advertisement. Here are the specifics of the banner advertisement package:

  • The banner is a 600x60 pixel size that links to your website or email. The banner can be an animated gif or flash file. The banner graphic can be stored on your server if you wish to have automatic rotation of your banner which is highly recommended. Fresh advertisements are good for the site and your advertising campaign.
  • Unlimited click throughs for the banner. On average your banner will be seen 1000s of times per day with over 12000 members on the site.

Please be aware that the Administrator reserves the right to terminate a Vendor agreement at any time, for any reason. The Vendor hereby waives and releases Administrator, GT40s.com and their owners, officers, directors, employers, and agents from any and all liability, arising from or related to Vendor's purchase of Vendor Status on GT40s.com.


Current and potential vendors need to read the following notes about the GT40s.com Vendor Program:

  • Supporting Vendor status is an individual membership. Sub dealers, co-dealers, or dealers in other countries will be responsible for their own Supporting Vendor status and those individuals are prohibited from advertising on the site without a Supporting Vendor status.
  • Any threads started by a Vendor will be closed at the point in time that the Vendor no longer wants to continue with a Vendor status on GT40s.com.

I do hope this Sponsoring Vendor plan is clear and concise. I feel that it is easier to understand than the old plan that we had in place for many years and should be a bit more flexible. If you’ve questions please ask.