Steering Question

I connected my steering linkages tonight and for some reason I can turn way right and barely left.

I have the tie rod ends as far as they can go in on the right side and out on the left side, but it doesn’t help.

It seems as if it’s somehow too far right.

I used the rack that I bought from Active Power and I attached it in the holes that were in the chassis designed for that rack.

Any thoughts?
Steve we may need more info? I would first disconnect the tie rods and center the rack. with the column connected or just a knuckle to the rack center it by turning it left and right lock to lock. IE it takes a total of 4.5 turns to go lock to lock then approx. 2.25 from each side is center mark it center it and then see where your tie rods end up.
it would also be handy if you can measure the rack throw for that 4.5 turns lock to lock.

ie it has a stroke that moves 3.4" for the 4.5 turns lock to lock.
also what is the rack from. someone may know if the two details match the donor vehicle.
Thanks guys. I contacted Chris at Active Power Cars who made the chassis and sold me the steering rack. He asked me to send it back and we’ll figure it out.

It may be the wrong rack for the car.

I knew I wasn’t crazy. But how do you learn unless you try.

Thanks for your comments.