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Hello friends,
I'm French, I don't speak English well. I apologise... I'm the new owner of a Gt40 GTD. Do you know where I can find a steering wheel and the emblem that goes to the centre of the steering wheel?
Thank you for all your answers


Andy Sheldon

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14" steering wheels complete with the boss, badge and fixings are £350.
13" and 15" steering wheels are also available.
Mota Lita did not make the original GT40 steering wheels. I am not sure why people think they did.
They started by making a couple for Brian Wingfield to his specs for his recreation car.
The Mota Lita wheel has Mota Lita laser engraved into the right hand spoke which is not original and a give away.
Original steering wheels did not have a logo on them.
Our wheels do not have a logo on them.
Best method of contact from the US is email.

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