Stock headlights diameter?

Thank you!

Don’t have the car yet to break them.

Looking to figure out a different configuration using 60s, and needed to know if they were already 60s which would have nixed the idea.
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I recommend the jaguar F type 2014-17 headlights . LOL . Just an idea and another option for you.

Hector, I saw your mod for the Jag headlights. Looks good. Think I'm gonna try just modding the current SLC headlights and see how that works. If I F it up, I may do something like you and others done and retrofit some other car's lights.

Joel K

Jeff, here is a link to Cam T’s build. He used Hella 60mm and had to do a slight mod because they are longer than than the 90mm.

Like Ken, I had Hella 90mm shipped with my kit for both High and low beams.