Storm Elliott


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Hello folks up North,

Just saw some more news from storm Elliott....

Hope you are doing good!

Around Buffalo they reported to be the most affected region... @Rick Muck, whish you all the best and certainly all others affected by Elliott.

Regards from Germany

Larry L.

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We are a few miles North of the storm center. Still, we were locked in for 4 days with snow and blowing. As of today, 27 deaths from those caught in cars, snow shoveling heart attacks, etc. This a less than half of what many got.View attachment 126720due
You REALLY got hammered!!! :eek:
'Reminds me of the winter of 1996 HERE. Several roofs actually caved in from the weight of the snow and ice (3 feet+ deep).

Here where I am we were only hit with 10" of snow this time around...but experienced high winds, freezing rain and single digit temps at night in the process. Roads / sidewalks were ALL skating rinks for 3-4 days.

Our mail hasn't been picked up or delivered since 12/19 even though the ice and snow pretty much all melted on 12/24. Don't know how many bills are sitting in the post office, so I'm going down there this morning (CALLING is a waste of one ever answers) to see if I can pick the mail up myself.

Verizon sent me an email yesterday just short of WARNING me that my bill is due on the 29th (tomorrow), so I should download their "app" and pay it NOW (electronically) to avoid a late charge! I have NEWS for them...I will download no app NOR will I pay a late fee due to weather-related late delivery. That payment was mailed before Lincoln was I don't know where the heck it might be at the moment. I would imagine tens-of-thousands of people are in the same weather-related boat.

End of rant. :mad:
(Where are my stinkin' nitro pills...???)