Struggling with the "human verification" on joining?

Dear all,

as this was a bit of a struggle for me I wanted to share this with other potential newbies just in case. And as this can be read without being a member, it might help one or the other.

I have tried joining the forum multiple times, but I kept on failing on the "human verification question". I assumed this was the question "GT40 is powered by...?". Sure I knew the answer but for some reason it didn't let me pass.

Here is the learning: The human verification question / challenge wasn't shown on my computer. It is a question specific to some pictures and you have to make a selection. It seems like my Internet Explorer wasn't on the latest version hence it didn't show the question and the pictures. Trying to register through my iPhone it worked just fine.

Maybe this hint might help one or the other person in joining the forum.

By the way: Big THANK YOU to Michael Hipperson and Brett McCall for the support.