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Finally got hold of Issues 22 and 23 of this iconic book published in 1969. Issue 22 covers the Mark II, X-1,Mark IIa and IIb. Some very interesting photos and insight in the design and development of the mark II's. Issue 23 covers the J-car, the mark IV and the g7-a. Very interesting results of aerodynamic tests comparing the Mk II's with the J-cars. And some unseen (by me anyway) shots of the honeycomb chassis construction. Also shows J-1 (the bread van) in all its glory.... definatly the ugliest GT40....IMO.

Just need issue 20, which has the Mk I story, and I have the whole story, if anybody knows where I can find a copy....



The book that was published with all these Style Auto articles in them was call "The Inside Story of the Fastest Fords" by Karl Ludvigsen.
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I recently bought a copy of the "The Inside Story of the Fastest Fords" by Karl Ludvigsen". It is pretty "thin" for the price IMHO (about £30 from memory) You are most welcome to borrow mine, pm me. It has recently been re published by Mercian Manuals



ps £29.95, just remembered
I'll have to look for the book. I don't have the patience to wait 7 years for a complete set...well, that and my memory would fail me long before.

Karl Ludvigsen is also well known for his three volume Porsche collection. Pretty much the "Bible" among enthusiasts.
Ron As you can see the articles were originally published in Style Auto across three issues. The book "The Inside Story of the Fastest Fords" was published as a 1st edition and then again in late 1980's as a reprint. The last one might be the cheapest way to get one?
Regards Allan