Suitable low pressure pump for Direct Injection engine

Hi all,

Am after some ideas re the low pressure pump for a direct injected flat 6 porsche engine. I.e the pump to supply the main cam driven high pressure pump. The existing car used an in tank system with no return to tank, I am unable to use the tank so wish to use an external pump or if I have to an in tank pump.
I guess the easiest way would be to use a pressure control valve with the excess going back to tank.
Anyone had dealings with these direct injection engines and the above??
One good solution is to use a bosch 044c pump ( the one used forclassic injection fuel system at 4/5bars ) take off the top fitting that use a banjo filter ( to increase flow on pressure side) and insert it in a normal circuit using as you stated a control valve set to the low requested pressure value .
Why using this type of pump ; because they are the rare ones to have a very important flow rate you absolutly need at top speed .
there are some Walbro similar one but do not remind actually the part Nb tocompare to similar 044C Bosch
Pro ; it work perfectly for long period of time
Con ; very expensive and do not suffer to have hight usction so need to be fit at bottom of chassis or fuel tank

Hope this helps :blank: