Superformance A/C controls

Does the A/C work better with the defrost on full or not? I think my defrost is full on counterclockwise, but I mistakenly altered the knobs and now forget the most efficient setting.

Dave Hood

Lifetime Supporter
I keep the defrost fairly low to pump as much air as I can through the dash vents. On a good day the SPF air conditioning system works....sort of....
There are two different configurations for the Superformance controls, depending on car #. I have what I believe is the current iteration with temp + dash vent to footwell control + a separate flip switch for defrost. As well as the AC on/off and the recirc buttons. AC will not operate/engage without the fan running. I have driven my car in 90+ with no need to run full cold, no problem. If the car is hot to start with, then it can take time to cool down. Hope that all makes sense and helps.