Superformance GT40 - Assorted Parts See Inside

Hi Elliot,

I don’t have a Superformance car but I’m looking for a rear sway bar for my gt40.

Could you please tell me the length of the bar elbow to elbow and do the collars move?

Let me know


Hi Steve. Yes, all collars move. Across length elbow to elbow (inner measurement), is 900mm. Elbow to end of bar with drop link is 265mm. Sway bar diameter is 16mm.
Superformance GT40 brake/clutch reservoir plate. $25 shipped within mainland USA.

I have listed other unused parts from Superformance build in case anyone interested.



Are these for the Mk2, looks like them just wasn't sure. Sign me up if they are. Also looking for a set of doors, just in case you have them
Brand new unused Superformance GT40 A/C components. Please note this is not the complete system as it does not include the wiring harness or some of the swiches. What you see is what you get. That is:

-Compressor lines/hoses
-Condensor lines/hoses
-Evaporator and evaporator box with sensors and pipework.
-Dummy dry sump tank evaporator cover with straps.
-Superformance door switch panel, (some switches missing).

$900 shipped within mainland USA. Location: Florida

I have listed other unused parts from Superformance build in case anyone interested.



Hi Steve,

They are actually from a MKl. Let me know if you definitely want them. No doors I'm afraid, but I do have an interior which I will be listing...

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Superformance GT40 Alcantara interior. This is from a brand new car, but does have some dust from storage! Includes:

-Alcantara seats
-Alcantara center console
-Alcantara center console upright for ignition swich/power outlet housing
-Superformance handbrake lever
-GT40 insignia floor mats
-GT40 insignia sill mats
-Floor and bulkhead carpeting, (bear in mind that this was glued in to the car originally, so whilst it is intact, it is not like brand new out of the box, and will require some cleaning and massaging for refit).

$1100 shipped within mainland USA. Location: Florida.

I have listed other unused parts from my Superformance build in case anyone interested.



Larry L.

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Just curious; how did you end up with 2 passenger seats?

"...does have some dust from storage!"
Big deal! A good vac should take care if that!
Hi Larry,

There are not 2 passenger seats,...perhaps it's difficult to see in the photos, but rest assured the seats are correct with one driver and one passenger seat, and with the correct sided inner cutouts for the firewall pulley protrusion.

Larry L.

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I'll be darned! The SPF seats I recall seeing have always had 6 'buttons' across the driver's seat and 5 across the passenger (due to the 'console' being off center).

Live and learn I guess, huh! I stand...uh...SIT corrected! ;)

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Elliot's car is RHD so both seats are the "narrow" LHD passenger seat. A RHD car has the center tunnel offset to the left to make room for the sill shifter whereas a LHD is offset to the right and the extra space allows the drivers seat to be wider for our, um, "ample American butts"

Larry L.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Well, there you go! 'Clears up my consternation.

'Have to admit THAT scenario hadn't dawned on me. I live in a LHD world. 'Forgot that there are a few 'crazy' places in the world wherein people drive on what's obviously the wrong side of the road!

Anyway, it's all ELLIOT's fault for not mentioning it was an interior for a RHD car! It's HIS FAULT, I tell ya! 'HIS FAULT!!! ;-)

(Ya, I know...any IDIOT should have instantly figured out the interior was for a RHD car...but, I won't admit that...)
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