Superformance Mk II sells for $80K at B-J West Palm

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

This Superformance Mk II which is fully streetable with all required lights and safety features and with a Holman Moody built 302 engine and RBT transaxle (installed by Holman Automotive) and test miles only sold for a mere $80K at the Barrett-Jackson auction in West Palm Beach just moments ago.

Granted that Barrett-Jackson doesn't necessarily pull the ideal demographic for a GT40 replica but this price is very disappointing. I feel relatively safe in saying that the seller would probably state it much more strongly than that!

Car lists for the auction with prices and links to photos & detail can be seen at: Palm Beach 2008 Carlist

Things seem to be getting tighter for disposable spend, I wonder if the economy is finally catching up to the prices at BJ.
Remember, the auction is designed for the benefit of the Auctioneers and a few high rollers, don't get caught up in the hype.
Many people have been caught up in the sales pitch that their car is going to be much more valuable in an auction and are told that more people wil bid on a car with no reserve, once you sign that contract you lose all control.