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For those of you looking for Corvette suspension, you might try giving this person a call. He has very reasonable prices and is customer oriented. His name is John of Coastal Vettes in Florida, I have no affiliation with him. His number is 321-268-4995.



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Sorry, I just noticed I posted a bad phone number. It should be 321-269-4995

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Hi all

If anyone is looking for corvette suspension contact Jason at in the US.
He supplied all my corvette suspension parts both 2nd hand and new and was a pleasure to do business with.

Just came across a guy who does Corvette parts, especially Delco. He is also one of the big exporters to Australia.His name is Sam Mooney at Full Throttle Corvette. Stumbled across him while looking for the rear axel housing that had gone bad in mine. Discovered a wobble during build. Local Chevy parts guy aimed me in his direction.Connection is:
[email protected]
He has the best prices I have found. He knows how to ship to avoid as much of the dreaded tax as can be had.