switch labels

Thought you might be interested in these switch labels I made for my GT. My car came with nothing labelled (as I assume most do) so I decided to create a plate with labels on. If anyone has a similar situation I used black satin fibre board (plastic) and cut it out to suit. The white idents are from a sheet covering just about everything you could want and this was from Car Builder Solutions in the UK. They are self adhesive and just stuck straight on after I got the dimensions right for the plate.
I think they look pretty good compared to the original Dymo tape labels, anyone got any comments.


Randy V

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I think the labels look a lot better than Dymo - but for myself, I prefer the words rather than the icons..

If it works for you - that's all that counts!

BTW - I have a look around Car Builder Solutions website - Handy place!
I wish they were in the USA too!
Here is the sheet I bought (£3.50 - Car builder Solutions) It has words as well as pictures and for that sort of money I think it's excellent value, Thank you to CBS for the photo from their website, not sure if they post worldwide but they might. The sheet is actually clear film with white legends, they have stuck it onto a black background for this photo