T70 Windshield Install

Getting down to the final strokes...
I plan to prime the windshield boarder with 3M 08681 glass primer. Then use 3M 08693 adhesive (after masking all painted surfaces). But the body shop guy suggested I use butyl rope instead of the 08693. So I got a sample and it seems it's fine as a gasket but not as an adhesive.
Any thoughts/experience from the forum?

Attached is the latest photo:


From personal experience with removing a Lola T70 Mk3b fully bonded-in screen that was cracked, you do not want to fully seal the screen surround with adhesive sealer of any kind. It took hours to remove and left an awful mess to clean up before a replacement could be fitted. Use a sealing strip under the screen and only seal the outer edge. If you ever have to replace the screen you will do little damage in removing and cleaning up the surround area.

The screen itself forms no extra rigidity to the spider, and its shape and weight will be more than enough with lighter sealing to hold it in place and be watertight.

A majority of racing T70 Mk3bs over here and in Europe use polycarbonate windscreens just screwed in place, for their lightness and ease of renewal, and I doubt that your car, if it is for road use, will ever endure the extremes that racing brings on.