My car's tach is not working. It'll bounce a little off zero but isn't reading properly. I remeber a simular problem with Hershal's but just can't rember the solution. I do know this, my dip switches are set the same as his. I assume that may be incorrect considering I have a cam sensor and not a distributor.
And yes, everything is plugged in and it is a smith tach.
Hopefully this will help. Starting left to right facing the REAR on the tach the switches are as folloes 1-6
on is up and off is down
Come on guys I know someone out there knows. RF?

Ron Earp


As I recall it had a sheet with it that you had to look at to set the proper type of pickup and the number of cylinders. I also remember that with some dizzys something had to be done with a wire, snip or something. Do you have the destructions? I'll look to see if I have mine, but I am pretty sure that mine went with the docs on my car.

6 binary switches plus one wire that could be snipped yield 7 bits. That is 2^7, or 128 combinations, it'll take awhile and something could get damaged.

Thanks Ron but no instructions in my box. I still have it but nothing.
Well let's just hope someone can narrow it down to something more like 12 not 128+ or even better 1. Robert,Chris,Hersh what do you guys think?
One last note I did try dip switch 4 off & the rest the same but no luck either. This is one thing I found while searching the web for the answer. Seems that may be the "correct" way for multicoil but... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Sorry John but I don't have a clue. You know me and electronics don't get along at all.
One thing I do know is there is a connection on the M48 for the tach. Check and see if your Motec manual shows where to hook it up to. I know on my M800 it is under auxillary connections.
I hope this helps otherwise I would send an e mail to Chis at RF and see what he says.

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
The tach on the computer (through the Motec) works fine. It's the one on the dash.
I don't remember did you ever get your to work?
If so how?
If not maybe Robert or Chris can help us both out.
The tach out from the M48 ECU is usually provided by use of Auxilary Output 1 or 2 (pins 13 or 34) but is programmed within the ecu setup. Check your ecu config file first, or mail it to me and i'll look for you. Obviously, if you are using an MSD, it also provides a 'tach out' signal. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif


Hi John -

Sorry - I did'nt realise it was you - (helps if I read the post properly)

Anyway - had a look at the file you had previously sent to me and there are no outputs configured for use to drive a tacho. (see pic below) so I have to assume that you derive the tach signal from elsewhere?


Thanks Paul.
We can only wait and wonder.
You should work for RF. What did you say Pat?
Hi John

I got the fitting instructions with mine

Sw 1,2 and 3 are for number of Cylinders. For 8 they should be on, off, on.

Switches 4 and 5 are for input signal
The table with this goes
Input signal Sw4 Sw5
Contact breaker ignition Off On
Hall Effect On On
Ecu (open collector output) On On
Ecu Off On *
Alternator Off On
Signal Generator Off Off

I think mine is set to the ECU setting. Thats how I have marked the page.

Sw6 should be off.

I would try playing around with Switches 4 and 5.


Talked to you 2 days ago Robert. Come up with anything yet?
The car should be picked up this weekend and I would like to have all the bugs worked out.
Can you configure output one from the ECU to drive tach signal?

[/ QUOTE ]

Dave - from first menu - select:
SET VALUE to '4'

This corresponds to 'Tacho Signal'

see screen shots below -

ps - this is the setting we use for M48Pro with 8-coil ignition / ignition expander as fitted to Roy Smarts Mk1 GTD. Hope it helps.


Thats cool paul,
Everytime I learn more about the MOTEC I like it more.

John, why don't you configue aux 1 to drive the tack and wire and set dip switches acording;ly?
John, I've been away fro awhile, is your tach working now? I'm a bit curious; I just had a quick glance at the back of mine and didn't see and switches on the back of mine. Just a little plug with about three wires. I've got a MOTEC as well, hopefully my tach goes with it!

Hope this has been resolved.
NO the tach is NOT working. Of course I haven't heard from RF with an answer. Don't quite no why, the customer service seems to be fine but just not inregards to my car. Maybe because the car has been sold. Who knows. They say they will fully support the new owner so hopefully they will do so. I really haven't had a chance to try the suggestions from the forum members but I was hoping to get it from the horses mouth. My time is limited and I just wanted to get an answer without all the trial and error.
As far as yours goes, behind the plug is where you will find the switches.
I think I should contact CAV with this problem. From what I understand they support their cars.

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company

I hardly think that your last comments are fair !!!!!

I have contacted you by phone and suggested that you take the car to your local MoTeC agent as my staff are not aware of what is wrong. It is very difficult to fault diaginouse from so far away.

One of the conditions that I do not sell MoTeC systems is that they support all systems that we sell with our cars into the US.

I did not supply the MoTeC system that you have in your car and more importantly the M48 is not a system that we fit to our cars, we use the M800 MoTeC system. I have supported your M48 and sent you ignition aplifiers and special wiring looms etc all at OUR COST and I am still yet to be paid. This does not even take into consideration the FREE stuff I have sent.

I will support your car when it is with its new owner as I have done with other cars when they have changed owners. I am sure that all who read this will be more aware of the HELP that my staff and I have already given to you. I am sorry that your time is so short at the moment but to get things done time or money must be spent.

Best wishes,

Oh my dear friend Robert,
First let's not get our panties in a bunch. Fair is a subjective option, but since you've brought it up OK. Is it “fair” that
I have had such a lack support recently from you or your company in regards to my car? Maybe, maybe not, but what is really "fair"? The only times that I've heard from you was to see if my car had sold and to remind me how generous you are. Truly embarrassing, especially when there are other people involved. I think you may have had a few things brought to you attention that have conveniently slipped your mind. I do believe it should have been me writing you not YOU writing me asking for an apology, on the forum of all places. Please!
Unlike you I do understand what is private conversation and what is public information so unless you'd like otherwise I will leave the rest between us.
You NEVER contacted me about seeking help from a local Motec rep. I did so after 5 months of waiting for "help" from RF. Since that never happened I figured I should just
seek out a qualified professional. In regards to the payment, a private matter. I've attached the copy of the FIRST bill I've personally receive for the work done. As you can see the date is 4/19/2005. My payment was sent to Hershal on 4/25/2005 and received on the 26th.
Seems pretty quick to me. You may be able to learn something about response times. Yes, I know the work was preformed a while ago but this is MY FIRST bill. And let's be serious, most of the money on the bill was for the wiring, which did NOT work.
When was the last time you bought a TV that didn't work yet still paid for it?
I know , I know the Motec was not supplied by RF. Fortunately the Motec had no problems. It just needed the correct wiring to perform.

The “free stuff”, let’s be specific about this. The only thing “free” was a steering
wheel in replacement to one that was stolen from Hershal’s house. MotaLita yes, GT40 correct no. I never asked you for it and as far as I see it, it was a very kind gesture, but for HERSHAL. He had the insurance claim not me. He as always treated the situation like a man and replaced any stolen parts or equipment through his insurance claim. I would gladly pay for the wheel so I can remove myself from "Robert's eternal indebted list" I've
never had a “kind gesture” held over my head so much. Now "all that read this will be more aware of the HELP that my staff and I have
all given you”

Again, as far as the Motec goes, no you did not supply it, and yes you did take it and register it with your company. You were properly thanked and services paid for. I do find it highly unusual that "you only use M-800 Motecs" and “the M-48 is not a system that we fit to our cars” What I find unusual about that is the fact that my car (including the original wiring harnesses) was built in 2001. Was the M-800 even available then? The M-48 was an option right?

I too am sorry time is so short right now. I would really like to spend more time discussing the whole truth. The truth, like sh*t, must get spun the opposite way in Australia than it does in the US. What is done is done and what is over is over, let's just try to stay honest about our practices.

I am glad to hear that you will support the new owner. He is a very nice man.

I hope that this can be taken as constructive criticism to benefit your other customers.
I know I'm not the only one disappointed and disrespected.
I also hope this doesn't mean I will get removed from the company's X-mas card list.
Keep up the great work.
Best wishes,