Tan/orange ignition wires?

No surprise the original tan/orange spark plug autolite made is waaaay costly. But is there a source for a good color but lacking the details that make the real thing $$$$$?
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summit makes a retro 7mm orange spark plug wire which looks good, actually gonna buy it and see how it looks with the ford y- block rubber insulator spark plug wire holders
The plastic spacers are just standard plastic spacers from spectre that can be sprayed with an ivory or tan spray paint to replicate the color of weathered white plastic spacers


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I had twelve of those things delivered this week and the shipping and customs was twice the cost of the parts !!
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The distributor in the OP's first photo could possibly be a new sand cast copy of an original as the "XF" serial number is usually in relief on the casting and not Dymo taped on - nice work if it is a copy IMO.
Does anyone know the source of these as we need another couple ?.



If you are looking for the block separator, look for the one with one rounded end and one square, like in the photo of restoration parts I have attached. It also needs the cross drilled bolt. Can't find the chromed holder atm. Too many boxes to go through..
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No just the white plastic plastic wire separators, I bought the black ones and these fit the same profile but obviously even painting them the color is off