Lets make this interesting and FUN!
A one way 3,000 mile plus run from Southold New York to California!
Not a race , I will DONATE $10,000 To the new GT owners charity of choice that we both agree on!
All the new GT has to do is make it under its own power.............
I will take a 2005 Ford GT with only 55,000 miles on it.
My co driver from "Around the World with a Ford GT " run ....."Nardo Chris" will be along for the ride after all his radiation treatment.
Maybe we call Leno, Maybe we do Laguna Seca, Maybe we do Pebble Beach!
It will only take 3 or 4 days , call it a week.
If the 2005 Ford GT makes it and the NEW GT does not......" I DONATE TO THE SCHRINERS CHILDRENS CANCER FUND"

Spring or summer we plan out a simple route.
Spread the word......Anyone up to it?
Lets have fun!

Brian Kissel

Lifetime Supporter
Joey, that’s a fantastic idea. Please keep us informed on your plans. Either way, sounds like a great charitable trip.
Regards Brian
Thank you Brian......
Well it didnt take long. We have a new GT and an old.
Details will come as we get close to the dates around May or June.
There is so much going on today that everyday is a whirlwind.
Hopefully we can pull this off and help people along the way!
Enjoy everyone , details to follow.

Brian Kissel

Lifetime Supporter
Joey, in today’s messed up world I’m glad that there are people out there that have want, and the ability to make such a great donation for charity. Not only that, but having a good time doing it.

Regards Brian