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Hi Folks,

It's been awhile since I've posted about the forum, mainly because up until about six months ago it was humming along fairly smoothly. Well, that's not quite fair, as while it was working it is in bad shape and has been for a number of years.

Recently though the server has had outages causing the forum to go down. There are numerous reasons for this: old VB software, old VB add ons that are prone to risks, the server software needs upgrading but that can't happen with the old VB version running, and a large number of spambot attacks. The bottom line is that it's time to spend some money and get the forum on more stable footing.

I tried to contact Harry at Magneticat, our old developer, to no avail. I've hired a new developer to complete the work but we're looking at $1500 total to get the job done over about a two week period. With the number of advertisers at an all time low, as well as supporters, we need to come up with the cash to get this done. Hit your buddies up to become supporters if they aren't, or folks that use the site a lot but don't support, shame them into tossing $35 in the hat.

Once we've raise the cash we'll get the work started. The site will be mirrored so that we won't have downtime when the site is being worked on and I'm told the switch will be seamless and we should maintain all functionality as it is now.

Thanks and I'll keep everyone updated here.



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I've learned a lot from this site... lifetime coming your way... hopefully my build doesn't take that long LOL
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Send me details on the banner adverts, I will upgrade.

Also suggestion for income: The percentage of SLC posts here seems to be pretty large. What about splitting off an "SLC, etc." into a new forum with new memberships and sponsorship opportunities. Just a thought.....


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Upgraded subscription complete. And Ron, special thanks for all you've been doing for the hobby over the years.

Ron Earp

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Thanks for the support, we're a over half-way to our goal and that's a good thing. It's fantastic to folks assisting when they can. I've already paid part of the developer's invoice and he's getting started today on a mirror site. At the end of the day I hope we'll see little change in the look/feel of the forum but we'll have a stable platform that stays up and can fend off spambots on its on.

I've asked that we improve some features such as the parts/cars for sale area. There are some plugins that make that section a bit more functional and can display pictures of things for sale in a rotating fashion so that sellers get more exposure. We might improve the "skins" of the forum, that is the styling, such that we have one standard look and feel.

Thanks again and I'll keep updating along the way. For those that would like to send check funds you can, just make them payable to me Ron Earp and send to my home address, 132 Loch Pointe Drive Cary NC 27518.