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Dear Forum Member,

Please read the forum rules below. If you do not understand the rules then email or PM an administrator for clarification. When you register on this site you agree to abide by all of these rules.

1. Enjoy The Forum: is a web forum for the hobbyist. A place to stop in and relax. Keep threads on topic. Please respect your fellow members and don’t write something that you wouldn’t say face to face to them in my living room. Notice it is written “my living room” because you are not on your own forum. If your comments are deemed inappropriate you’ll find yourself suspended for a short while. In short, don’t berate, belittle, or ridicule your fellow forum member. Offenders will find themselves banned.

2. Use Your Real Name: If you have signed up with some sort of “handle” go to your User Control Panel (User CP link in the menu bar) and change your Public Name under “Edit Your Details” to your real name. does not support user handles, you need to use the name your mother gave you, not a nickname. We don't care how long you've been using your nickname. Only one registration per real person, we use login IP addresses and other means to determine "multiple personalities". We wish to know who we’re talking to and who is accountable for their posts on the forum. reserves the right to ban users at any time, for any reason. Hint, the answer to the registration question is Real Name

3.Posting Guidelines:
a. If you wish to post non-GT40 or non-car related photos on the forum (such as in the paddock) please link to them – do not upload them to If your images contain content not appropriate for a mixed environment then your thread title must contain “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) somewhere in the title.

b. Do not SPAM the forum. Posting links to other commercial sites will get you banned from​

4.Vendor Relationships: Before posting negative experiences about a company make sure you have tried to resolve the problem with the vendor in private. Only parties that are directly involved with a vendor or service provider are welcome to post. Members with helpful suggestions that are based on fact are welcome to respond to such threads but people with personal opinions, agendas, attitudes, and pot stirrers need to refrain from posting. I cannot think of a situation where a competing vendor would have any reason to post on such a thread, therefore, competing vendors need to steer clear of such a situation. Violation of this policy will lead to your ejection from the site.

5.Sponsoring Vendors: Vendors advertising on keep the forum running. These contributions give them the right to advertise on the site. The following rules will govern vendors and vendor related activities:

a. Sponsoring Vendors are prohibited from selling/informing anywhere on the forum except in the “Vendors and Manufacturer’s Announcements” subforum or in their own company sponsored subforum. Violators will be given one warning and a repeat offense will result in a user ban. Advertising monies will not be refunded.

b. All members other than Sponsoring Vendors are prohibited from posting about their wares or services. This includes your screen name, signature, avatar, pictures, informational posts, and so on. Violation of this policy will result in suspension. Repeat offenders will be banned.

c.Please be aware that the Administrator reserves the right to terminate a Vendor agreement at any time, for any reason, with no refund given. The Vendor hereby waives and releases Administrator, and their owners, officers, directors, employers, and agents from any and all liability arising from or related to Vendor's purchase of Vendor Status on
6.Cars for Sale/Parts For Sale/Ebay Subforums: These forums are for the use of our members, not businesses and that includes the Sponsoring Vendors. Effectively immediately a user must have at least 10 posts and/or be a Supporter of the forum (Lifetime, Gold)to post in these forums.

7. General Usage: nor its owner is responsible for the ramifications of anything you post on this forum. All posts you make here are your responsibility so be accurate and be truthful. and its admins do not delete or edit posts on the forum for any reason except when we want to. At he end of the day is a web forum that is FREE to use and read. Anything you post here you are completely responsible for - post your phone number and now you're being harrassed by Jimmy the Roach? Not our problem, you posted your phone number. Think before you post, share details, and so on because we are not cleaning up your mess.

I’m sure we’ll be adding to these rules from time to time. But for now that should do it. Please contact me if you need some clarification of these rules.

Thank you,
Your Admins
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