the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Hi Rod 75-90 synthetic for the trans.

Managed to get the mufflers fitted today, cant wait to fire it up again and see what it sounds like now with the twin system.

cheers John
Hi John

Wow rely looks the businesses, you should be very happy with yourself and we cannot wait to see it in anger. I am always impressed with you work and all without the fancy stuff some other builders seem to think are needed for these projects.
Your 8 stack injection looks like Speedmaster, is that correct and if so are you happy with it? I am considering fitting one to my car, the price certainly seams reasonable.

PS found a project as per our last discussion, I got hold of a 1970 built formula ford in boxes even the gearbox is in boxes. Should keep me busy for a while.

Darrell DRB LS1 G50
Hi Darrell yep its a Speedmaster set, seems to be ok, at least the butterfly shafts are bearinged and sealed not like the OBX stuff. they do lack an idle air bleed so disregard the sentence that says they have one as they don't, or if they do i'm buggered if I can find it, but for a race engine they're not really relevant anyway..
good find on the old FF, when you get tired of going slow, you no my number lol.
cheers John
Hi Guys been away from the ole PC for just on a week getting my right knee replaced,, so at least now I have a matching pair, and both legs should now be the same length.
I have got sod all to finish the ole girl, but I think I might have another week off, and see how it goes.
cheers John

Randy V

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Welcome back John!
Glad to hear you're out and about again.. The wife had both her knees done at the same time a couple years ago. I'm next, but will hold off as long as I can.. Who knows, maybe by the time I finally give in, they'll have made replacement joints in pill form!
Good to see you are back on deck old mate, So do you just have axles to do and it can be powered up. I wish I could be there for the first run to see how my tranny works. Anyway you take your time and make sure you are right first, the car will still be there.

Cheers Leon
Hi mate yep just waiting for axles and front wheel centers, they drilled them 5x120, instead of the 5 x 120.65 chev I asked for, luckily the rear uprights you sent me were wrong and were 5 x120 so they fitted spot on, I've sent the front centers back and they're drilling me a new set. then its just a run over everything to make sure I haven't missed anything, and then wheel alignment and dyno.
will keep yo posted.
cheers John
good to hear that your `rebuild` was a success, now there is just the running in to settle it down.....and then there is the car to have sorted so am sure both will be doing well.
All good
OK, that must be the "metric/imperial" difference from Chevy to Commodore stud pattern. Something to be aware of if you are using the 2 different types of hubs.
Now that I only use the Commodore hubs for both front and rear it is not an issue.
Well done John, Leon's transaxle looks just right nestled between those boots.
as a side note, looks like a head of a transformer..... Autobot??
Hi John, How's the body doing?? Dazz was going to drop some $$ to you for the freight costs so we will just square it all up in one hit. A good friend of mine "Dean" will be in contact with you, he would like to come and have a look at your car some time so I gave him your contact info, he lives in Brizzy another X Kiwi. How far away from a test run are we now, I'm on the edge of my seat mate.

Cheers Leon
Hi mate, yeah dazz rang me the other day and said he's dropped some moolah of for you, ill send it over via pay pal.
Just waiting for my axles and where good to go, mechanically shes all done and dusted.
but it will have to sit for a while now so I can get this other project done and sent off , then ill get stuck in and get the body finished and painted.
cheers John
Those boots look the business... Mine are skinny in comparison, glad to hear that you are getting more mobile, 4 weeks and we shall be on your door....looking forward to catching up.
since photo bucket tried to hold me to ransom ive jumped ship and trying Flikr so far all seems ok.
well a lot has happened since I last posted 1/ I went in and got my other knee replaced, so I was out of action for a couple of weeks, and then when I was able my time was spent on another little project I have going on the side,
but a mate called by today as he was passing by so take the opportunity while I had it and wheeled the old girl out side and off the table at last and onto its wheels.
now there's good news and great news, so good news first, as you can see in the first pic the point of balance with 30 odd liters of fuel on board is the roll hoop, then while it was on the hook he weighed it for me, a tad over 650kg so who's a happy boy then.
so as she sits now its just rear axles to fit when I get them then paint and dyno and she's done and dusted. any way here's a few pics I took before she went back into the shed. hope you like them.


yeah I know the ride height hasn't been set gee give me a chance,lol
and lastly my favourite shot


that's my mate Phil pondering whether he's game enough to have a go.

cheers John