There's fast and there's FAST


The Nurburgring is a terrific race course. The carousel is a scary thing to enter

Randy V

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Wow… 350 kph / 217.4mph at one point…. I wanted to put on my helmet and strap into my recliner!
That is absolutely amazing! It feels tiring just to watch!! It seems like it is speeded up or a computer game, the acceleration is incredible, same with the breaking. A very impressive lap.
amazing. Noticed he stayed out of the carousel, can only imagine what kind of damage it could do to the underbody with only a slight miscalculation. Might not even fit in there fully, leaving the right side tires outside of the banking.
Is the carousel where all the people recording hang out and most of the wipeouts occur? Seen a bunch of the Nurburgring videos and there seems to be a particular spot that’s bad for sticking cars in bad places.