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In the U.K., copyright must be identical, and there have been cases, in the area I used to be employed, where we could prove 7 differences in a product and copyright was thrown out! These Differences in our cases were tiny as they were sunglasses!
So how accurate is there replica? How many differences?

Of course Swedish copyright may be a different set of rules, and I have not seen the rules they applied!



Some possibly reassuring words from Jaguar, they appear to have realised there has been a public backlash against what may turn out to be a PR disaster. However, I think what is really needed is confirmation from Jaguar they will not go after manufacturers who provide parts for home builders to build their cars. If the reports surrounding Suffolk Sports Cars are true it would appear this is not the case. Will others follow where they have gone?

Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club

JLR seek to reassure owners of Jaguar replicas:

Jaguar Land Rover Classic's Director, Dan Pink has written an open letter to Jaguar enthusiasts regarding replicas of classic Jaguar models.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club has published this letter as a response to a number of enquiries to the club on the subject this week, where club members owning replica vehicles have expressed concerns.

Read here:
Thanks for the reminder - no Land Rovers eifher.

It seems Jaguar have become the UKs Disney and with the C Type they are taking the Mickey.

I assume the continuations from Jaguar will be priced very low given how simple old cars are.
What’s the price for a new C Type from Jag? Attainable for the average person with a love of historic cars I expect.



Finding it difficult to know what the truth is, certainly seems to me they went after a soft target.

"In contrast to the JLR PR attempt to save face see below as to the same set of events from the Magnussons view: 2021-02-11: Comments by the Magnusson family in response to the statement issued by Jaguar Land Rover
In their statement, Jaguar Land Rover are deliberately misrepresenting both the actual circumstances of the case and their relationship with the replica community.
Firstly, Jaguar Land Rover has gone after not only the company Creare, but the private citizens Karl and Ann-Christine Magnusson. Creare has never manufactured or sold a single C-Type replica. The only C-Type replica built was paid for, built, and owned by Karl Magnusson privately from start to finish, as public documentation from the Swedish registration process for amateur-built vehicles reflects.
Karl Magnusson had an ambition to build another two replicas using the company Creare. These plans were openly shared in a 2016 meeting at Jaguar Land Rover Classic HQ where Karl had been invited to present his manufacturing data. Jaguar Land Rover had no objection to these plans - not in the meeting, nor in the correspondence that followed. On the contrary, Karl felt encouraged. When Jaguar Land Rover suddenly sent a warning letter in 2018, the privately-built C-Type replica was essentially completed. Any future plans for the two additional cars were immediately dropped.
Secondly, Jaguar Land Rover has approved of, and benefited from, the replica community for decades, both from businesses and private citizens. There are more than 1 500 C-type replicas existing today. It is only now when JLR is launching their own continuation line, that they have started to pursue replica builders - some 70 years after the iconic design was created. The interpretation of JLR’s statement is clearly that all commercially made C-Type replicas are from now on illegal and risk destruction.
Thirdly, as is well known, there has been no interest in maintaining or retaining any IP rights for the C-Type up until this recent shift in attitude. And while the Swedish lowest courts granted JLR these rights, such rights have not yet gained legal status as the case has been appealed. Jaguar enthusiasts worldwide are the ones who have been committed to the preservation and heritage of the brand and the classic iconic designs since the 1970s. It is thanks to this community that these icons are still desired. Jaguar Land Rover’s actions clearly show that their newly found business ambitions are worth turning against their most loyal supporters. Two of them, the Magnussons, now need to destroy their privately-built C-Type replica. The £450,000 in legal fees have to be met by these two older Jaguar enthusiasts from private funds."


The “pre existing replicas” quote in the JLR statement seems to imply they will not tolerate ANY new replicas and not just from commercial manufacturers. If I were building a C or D type or even an XJ 13 replica, I’d be very concerned.
The “pre existing replicas” quote in the JLR statement seems to imply they will not tolerate ANY new replicas and not just from commercial manufacturers. If I were building a C or D type or even an XJ 13 replica, I’d be very concerned.
That is very interesting given that some replica builders have apparently been able to obtain drawings from JLR or within that organisation, suppose thats no different to getting copies of the GT drawings, some can some cant...


Wonder how this leaves RCR D Type, was thinking of one of those next after my GT 40 will they go after them as well or are they not worried about those as they are not recreating them? also hard to find all the replicas out there but going after firms would be the easy target.