This could be a good move for the industry

Larry L.

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" would mandate that smaller-scale automakers (producing NO MORE THAN 500 vehicles per year) would still be required to comply with MODERN EQUIPMENT AND EMMISSION STANDARDS set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, BUT BE SUBJECT TO A SEPARATE REGULATORY SYSTEM for lower-volume production - particularly when it comes to safety standards. Those vehicles, as pointed out by the SEMA in the statement below, are "primarily used in exhibitions, parades and occasional transportation."


The bill deals with/focuses on r-e-p-l-i-c-a-s. BY DEFINITION a REPLICA is supposed to be an exact copy of an original. So, how the devil can an exact copy of, say, a '60s GT40, incorporate "modern equipment" and still be a totally accurate "replica"??? :evil:

'Typical government stupidity...
And, what happens if a company happens to make (GASP!!!) 501 cars in one year??? FINES? PENALTIES? JAIL TIME? Will that 501st car be REPOSSESSED by the overlords in D.C.? And how did D.C. determine 500 cars should be the limit anyway?

Like ANY 'good idea', politicians/gov't will screw with this one until it's no longer worth a tinker's darn.