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State Intervention in Life-Threatening Childhood Obesity, July 13, 2011, Murtagh and Ludwig 306 (2): 206 This is a HOT topic right now as it opens the door to some serious personal freedom ISSUES. Notice where the doc's are from (OBAMA'S alma marter) and remember that hypocrite Mrs.Obama's AGENDA to teach us how to raise our kids sorry agenda to control our personal freedom sorry agenda to control how we look sorry just her personal agenda. Funny how this just goes hand in hand with that but NO this president and his wife / cronies (so glad that we got all that change he spoke about) are not trying to take over your personal freedoms and make this country a socialist state. I posted a link to the article but here are a few more for you to digest (see what I did there).
In the Ultimate Nanny State, Gov't Takes Your Fat Child - Blog Online -

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This is outragous, absolutly, you should get to the bottom of this. Please post all the links you can. I think you have found an issue you can really sink your teeth into. She'll only get my berger from my cold, dead hand!

Spydermike also went to Obamas alma marter, I'm sure he is also a Commie and at fault, spare no mercy!

Remember, when bergers are outlawed, only outlaws will have bergers!
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My narrow point of view asks, how is this any different than the State's restriction on smoking, driving while drinking, or any other activity in which you or I will end up paying for someone else's lack of control. In this area of the country, it's quite normal to see a child that weighs twice their normal weight, with no proper intervention by their parents. The effort requried to prevent this impact upon our social network (health care for example) is a LOT less than the effort required to respond to all the other issues that some these obese children endure (social, physical, and pychological). This problem is just a fraction of many that our country is facing in greater and greater proportions (no pun intended).

Rant: I was flying in from Dallas the other day, and at a minimum, one half of passenger count on that flight couldn't sit within the confines of the seat. Each year, I find it more and more difficult to maintain my current level of fitness, health, and weight, so to some degree I understand staying within a normal weight can be a constant challenge, but come on now, this situation is getting rediculous any more.