Tilt front end


So, I am leaning towards the tilt front end. I don't plan on tilting it a lot, but when I do have to service the front end items, it looks to be easier.

But, I have a concern with tilt approaches shown in builds in that they rest on the bottom lip of the nose.

Would it be better to run a piece of aluminum across the full bottom lip and attach to it?

As I have stated before, I am not a body guy, so I would ask those who have time on their cars to give me some insight.



Randy V

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Not sure what you mean but mine is fully self-supporting and the body does not touch the ground when the clip is tilted forward..
Take a look here to see how I engineered mine:

Thank you for this.

I like the ease of the bracket construction and the straight forward solution. I fear my front nose will be off like yours...but will deal with it.

Again, thanks.


Randy V

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You're welcome Tru...
You may get lucky and have both sides the same!
It took a lot of modeling and fiddling to come up with the final mounts..
The DRB front bodywork butts right up to the frame and the tilt mechanism is nothing but an ordinary door hinge(x2). The fiberglass in that area is very thick, maybe 1/2". I use fender washers to help spread the load. I added gas struts to the front but elected to leave them off as there was too much flex in the clip. So I carry a towel with me for the front(if i open it, usually just take the nostril off). The struts work great in the rear. Just have to do a little experimenting so as to get the length right for complete closing so that the strut is at its shortest length and raising to full extension, just below the balance point. They are a treat as I can open and close the rear clip with one hand. Requires two 40# units. As best I can remember they are 9" closed and 19" extended. Easy way to find the right point(area) is to swing two arcs(closed and open) from one point on the frame, and where they intersect is the right area to work from. Here is an old video that shows them in action.They are mounted at the rear of the Accusump on the driver's side and the engine breather on the passenger's side.

OBW if its windy I don't open it!

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