Tips for cutting the plexiglass rear window?


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Any tips on cutting the plexiglass for the engine cover window?

On the street tail, the rear window has to be cut out at the bottom to fit. I've never cut plexiglass on a piece where the cut edge will show, or where it had to have a curve. What's the best tool to use? How do you make the cut edge rounded to match the edge on the rest of the window?
I used a band saw,I have used a jig saw.
Put masking tape in the areas you are cutting.
To clean the edges a small block plane works well.



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Yes....a band saw works best to cut. I would mask it all off first and use the band saw to cut it long.....leaving enough that you can grind and sand to fit, so you don't end up with a nasty looking edge. We usually use band saw to cut long, then a 4.5" angle grinder with sanding disc to get closer to the line, then DA sander to sand down to the line and fine sandpaper to get it perfect and shape the edge.
There is a lot of how-to's on the web. Google is your friend. Cutting plexiglass sheet is slightly different from cutting polycarbonate sheet. In any case hold the work tight or it will jump and crack if using a jigsaw. radius any sharp inside corner or it will eventually crack. If the plastic is melting where you are cuting may be going too slow. Most cutting oils are not compatible with polycarbonate.

Follow Shanes advice on finishing the edge.


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No cutting oils, you may "flame polish" the cut edges after sanding as described earlier. A propane torch will work with quick passes. Practice on the offcut piece.

Don't attempt this until you have confidence in the method.