Tips or Suggestions For Removing UN1

Like an idiot I forgot to install what is quaintly labelled "Dowel 3 pin kit Ford Diaphragm" I thought these were something to do with the distributer:( personally I would have labelled it Dowel 3 pin kit for the flywheel but that's because I am now bitter and twisted that I have to remove the engine & gearbox to install them :p

I'm thinking I want to try and remove the gearbox and leave the engine in place which will avoid removing some of the ancillary equipment I have already installed

Any suggestions for Tips\Tricks to help with this?

Thank you


Mortified GT
Leave engine in place, remove mufflers and collectors. Remove the crossmember and just remove the gearbox. Fit dowels and refit.
I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve fitted and refitted my engines to some detail or reworking something.
As morten says, it’s an easy job has mine out only a few weeks ago, an hours work.

That said it prob depends on the car, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) the whole lot needs to come out on a Tornado? Now that would be a lot more of a PITA…

Howard Jones

So additional advice. Cut four additional mounting bolts that are about two inches longer than the bespoke ones' heads off (just the heads) and round off the ends. Then loosely install them into the adapter plate. Now you can slide the gearbox onto the "studs" until it seats on the dowl pins. Remove the studs one at a time and install bolts. Really easy to aline to the clutch and dowl pins this way. Of course, you have to install the clutch with a piolet shaft alinement tool first. That's how I have done my GTD and its R21 numerous times by myself.