Top gear makes fun of MEXICANS


They've had to formally apologise following a complaint from El Presidente...... :thumbsdown:
They make fun of everyone because they can. They actually make fun of themselves more than they do of others. This is not a serious program. They just won an award for the best factual TV program and they strenuously denied it live at the awards ceremony. Many see them as a breath of fresh air raging against the PC brigade.


Taking the rise out of Johnny Foreigner has long been part of British humour and probably has it's roots in Victorian Empire and general xenophobia.

The important thing is that we are just as capable of making fun of ourselves as we are anyone else - it's what makes us what we are.

"National Stereotypes" comes to mind and if you can't poke fun at outmoded old fashioned models then you're no fun. No insult is intended.

An Englishman in Scotland is going to get a bit of a rough ride as is a Welshman just about anywhere :)

The Irish have been the butt of many a joke but in Ireland, the English come off just as bad. We all think it's funny.

Have you heard the one about "An Englishman, Irishman & Scotsman?"

If you take this kind of humour seriously, then you are reinforcing the stereotype. Let it pass.

We have some fantastic American stereotype humour too if you've a mo' Damian..

What would you say American humour is based upon?
Drugs, Racism and Politics what else is there? The problem is that most here can not take what they dish out.

Charlie Farley

Too right Keith.

I don't even take myself seriously, after all, i've half chopped off a digit chopping firewood today .... :furious::laugh:

BTW Damian, that link does not work for me.
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Pete McCluskey.

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Too right Keith.

I don't even take myself seriously, after all, i've half chopped off a digit chopping firewood today .... :furious::laugh:

BTW Damian, that link does not work for me.
Ouch! Did you pack it in ice and get it sewn back on? The link has been blocked world wide because of copyright infringements.


Drugs, Racism and Politics what else is there? The problem is that most here can not take what they dish out.
No no no Damian - whilst I agree there is great potential in what you have described, there is so much more funny in everyday American society and it's up to you to find it and tell us all about it.

I would be grateful because Americans are my mostest favourite people that I do not understand a lot of the time... :)
I saw the show on and thought those comments were pretty tacky.

Self deprecation is a much more entertaining and sophisticated type of humor than use of cultural stereotypes.
YouTube - Top Gear ofende a mexicanos (opinion about mexicans) I know the sheik will have something to say about this LOL.
In an Infidel swap, Iron Sheik was sent to Israel for re-education. He will have to learn to be a cheap successful bastard, learn how to run the US government, Kill gentiles while claiming to be perpetual Victim.
In return Mordechai Khane (A circumcised rich bastard Australian) was sent here to learn how to decapitate infidels and educate the Old Christian dogs that are UN-TRAINABLE.
Praise be upon Moses, Mordechai is all for making fun of all races and religions. As long as the purpose is NOTHING BUT FUN.

“THE FUN” disappears when the retched actually believe the crap!

As you know The Sheik resides in Mexico (When not in a concentration camp in Israel). Also, one of his wives is MEXICAN !! He has made fun of “the short porky people” many times
Cheeky Monkeys they are , they shouldn't apologize . They should colonize !
If their not too busy drinking tea that is ! PC be damned !
I thought it was funny ! But i'm pretty hard to offend . I think it's because i don't take most things too seriously .

Oh they've blocked the link by the by . Copyrighted material and what not .

Jim Craik

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Just when I think all has done to hell, along comes Mordechai, to calm the waters.

May the bird of paradise fly up your nose.


At first I thought it was a storm in a tea cup about some british banter, now I'm not so sure Steve makes some very valid points.

Comedian Steve Coogan has laid into Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, saying the trio were guilty of "casual racism" and describing them as "three rich, middle-aged men laughing at poor Mexicans".

The Mexican ambassador complained to the BBC about the "outrageous, vulgar and inexcusable insults" made on the show after Hammond joked that Mexican cars reflected national characteristics, saying they were "just going to be lazy, feckless, flatulent".

But Coogan said the adjectives better described Hammond's comic approach.

Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter RSS And he also criticised the BBC for, saying its "initial mealy-mouthed apology was pitiful" and it defence of the presenters amounted to "tolerance of casual racism".

The corporation wrote to His Excellency Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza to say it was sorry if the programme, broadcast on January 30, caused offence.

But it claimed that national stereotyping was part of British humour and the remarks were akin to labelling Italians as disorganised and over dramatic, the French as arrogant and the Germans as over-organised.

Writing in the Observer, Coogan said: "All the examples it uses to legitimise this hateful rubbish are relatively prosperous countries full of white people. How about if the Lads had described Africans as lazy, feckless etc? Or Pakistanis? The Beeb's hand-wringing suggested tolerance of casual racism, arguably the most sinister kind."

Coogan said he was a "huge fan" of Top Gear and normally regarded the presenters' irreverence as part of the "rough and tumble" that goes with having a sense of humour, but he said there was a "strong ethical dimension" to the best comedy which actively challenges prejudices rather than reinforcing them, laughing at hypocrisy and narrow mindedness.

He said the presenters wore their offensiveness like a "badge of pride" and mistakenly believed it gave them an "anti-establishment aura of coolness" when in fact it was "uber-conservative".

Coogan, who admitted he was now unlikely to be invited back on the show, said the comments were all the worse because with its high viewing figures Top Gear was often the "public face of the BBC".
Did anyone think Archie Bunker was promoting racism when he used every racal epithet in the book? He was holding racists up to ridicule! Irony and sarcasm may make us wince when they contain a grain of truth, but I don't remember Wilde or Swift apologizing to anyone, and these guys shouldn't have either.
Top Gear's humor may not be on the same level, but jeez, when did the world get so thin skinned?


As is the nature of these things, probably a few billion more people have now been able to experience 'the 'Mexican racial abuse' and not only that, Mr Coogan, who is possibly the unfunniest person on the TV apart from Matt Lucas, has probably revived his flagging career. What a shame.

The Top Gear Team have been mercilessly 'abusing' Americans and American cars for years but I have not heard one whiff of protest from them and fair play to them.

I just find the whole episode farcical and not worth the ink and hot air that has been spent on the matter....

On the bright side, millions more schoolchildren will now know where Mexico is.. hopefully, as they may wish to enjoy a Burger King or McDonalds in Cancun when they get older, but they'll have to go to Taco Bell in the USA for any vestige of anything remotely Mexican & refried.


Well reassuringly normal service was resumed and they picked on the French and Germans tonight. Which with apologies to any of our German or French cousins I found totally acceptable.
Hey, if I can laugh at my self and all the stupid things I do,why can't I laugh at any one else and the stupid things that they do It's all in good fun isn't it?
Give it time, and a set of guidelines for "good taste" will become a set of rules, and ultimately pass onto the statute books into law...

If we aren't all vigilant, this will happen very slowly, but it will happen.

Comedy is meant to be edgy and should be able to pick on almost anything. Much of our humour is derived from self deprecation, as well as ripping the shit out of others, it has ever been thus.

Political correctness is extremely dangerous. We already have to doff our cap to the EU court of human rights (in the case of prisoners given the right to vote etc...).

Give it 5 more years of PC crap, and those statute books will be a tad bigger... :veryangry: