Tornado aluminum mono

Those look sweet. If I was starting again, I'd probably opt for the aluminium mono. Would have saved me many hours doing all that fabrication work on my panels :)


Its a very intresting chassis......Im supprised there hasnt been more comments on it...........Are you able to give more detail on the material used etc

What gauge alluminium are you useing ?

Are you useing Aralldite 420 to bond it ?

What does the alloy tub weigh, without the front and rear subframes ?
I like it. I think Tornado need a pat on the back for this one.

It kind of gives me the CanAm feel, if you know what I mean.

I'm looking forward to a build thread.
I'm also very impressed. However the key question to be answered is what's the torsional stiffness andhow does this compare to a panelled spaceframe. It would also be interesting to see the result for the carbon mono as well


Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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The complete chassis weighs only 140 kgs or 308 lbs.

Just the alloy tub weighs 80 kgs or 176 lbs.

We do not use 420. The adhesive we use is used on the payload bay of the space shuttle.

The torsional stiffness far exceeds that of any spaceframe simply because there are no open areas to flex and its also a lot lighter than any panelled spaceframe. Best of both worlds.

For comparison one of our panelled spaceframes which are the lightest available weighs 182 kgs or 400 lbs.