Tornado GT40 01E

I have my motor and 01e sitting in place, need to clearance the left side chassis lower frame rail under gearbox due to offset of 01E

Ron Earp

Take a look at the older Roaring Forties builds here on the forum. That car used the O1E or O1X depending on the build and the chassis is extremely similar.


Mortified GT
Hi, I tried a 351W/O1E combo in a very almost identical chassis to Tornado and needed to lower the engine 50mm for the rear clam to clear the valve covers. I later discarded the O1E for a UN1-13.
Look at Nick Davies awesome build using 347/O1X which is 5 speed and a shorter box, avoiding hitting the lower part of the tail lip.
01E fits, Needed to move motor forward a little and clearance the left side lower chassis rail under the gearbox. CV Angles look acceptable. Made all new mountings.