Tornado IVA test service

Birmingham IVA test station has now closed and the Midlands IVA tests are now being carried out at the Kidderminster test station which is situated about one mile from our factory.

We will now be working very closely with the inspectors at the test station to make the IVA as painless as possible.

We are now offering a full IVA test service including the completion of all paperwork such as obtaining certificates and making IVA applications on the customers behalf.

We can even arrange for the collection of the car from your home address and re delivery after the test.

We are also in the process of developing many new IVA required items such as E marked acrylic side windows etc.

For further details call 01562 820372 or email [email protected]


If you arer thinking of using our IVA service please book well in advance so that we can get all of the paperwork sorted and the application submitted before your car arrives with us.


Version 9.00 of the IVA manual has now just come into full effect and features quite a few detailed changes.

We have just prepared a customers car for the IVA and this will be tested tomorrow and will be the first GT40 replica to be tested to the very latest IVA regulations.


Today at 11-30 am this Tornado TSC GT40 passed its IVA after a short re test.

This car is the only GT40 replica in the UK to have passed the latest version 9.00 IVA regulations and shows our commitment to stay ahead of the ever changing IVA regulations.

If you would like Tornado Sports Cars to handle your IVA please call on 01562 820372 to book your car in.

We will pre inspect your car, handle all of the applications and paperwork and present the car at the test station on your behalf.

Please remember that the paperwork takes VOSA 4 weeks to process before a test appointment can be booked which typically is an additional 6 to 8 weeks wait.