Tornado @ Lime Rock Park

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Hi Everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Tornado Sports Cars and TS40 #875 will be at Lime Rock Park for the "Rolex Fall Vintage Festival" this Labor Day Weekend.

We will be there all four days.

August 29 - September 1.


We will have a tent with 875 on display up on the "Midway", so look for our banner, then stop by and introduce yourself for a chat and to say hello!

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I will be there with my GTD. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing the Tornado. This is always a fun event to attend.

See you there!

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
GT40s Sponsor

Please do not hesitate to stop by and chat with Scott and view 875. I am sure you will be impressed.

I may even be their in person.


Scott, I hope to be there Sunday with my Cobra Daytona Coupe and enter the "Shelby" show where they park the cars out on the track.
Hi Bill,


Be sure to stop by and get a complimentary TSC Golf Shirt, and I'm looking forward to catching up with you.


Like Eric say's its always a great event.

Hopefully the New England crew can show up.

Andy, It's getting close! any news yet about you coming to Lime Rock?
Datonabill is FRPGUY is Bill Hough

I'm pretty sure that replicas are excluded from entering the show unless something has changed. I wanted to enter one year and the first line of the application said "No replicas are permitted" . Supposedly this rule was added after a replica won best of show and some of the other entrants that had "real" cars became upset !
Eric, That's too bad! You think they would set up a special class for replicas. Maybe we need a "Show of Replicas" I entered the show in 2004 with no problem and came home with a second prize in "Special Interest Competition Class". I guess I'll have to call someone at SAAC.
Eric, I just called Gene Koss at SAAC. I can bring my Cobra Daytona Coupe an enter the show . There is a class I can put my car in.
I had an enjoyable day today at LRP. Met up with Scott for the first time and had a lot of fun hanging at the Tornado display tent. The car looked absolutely fantastic and was generating a lot of interest. He has done a great job with his build and his attention to detail really shows. It's always fun to meet up with members of this forum as we do all share the same connection. Thanks for your hospitality Scott!

Glad to hear they are allowing your car. That's great! I'm looking forward to meeting you on Sunday at the show.

Charlie M


Nice talking to you yesterday. Great job on the car.

Hopefully us NE guys can get together for a cookout soon.

I got to say, Scotts car is just fantastic! Tha body shape is right on! There was a CAV there being offered by a Backdraft Cobra dealer that was not correct. Nice car, buy too many things not looking quite right with the body. Most noticable was the door windows; they were flat! Sorry I missed you Mark & Chris. I saw you Daytona Coupe parked near me, but couldn't find you in the crowd.
I've only raced my Lotus Europa in a 3 hour race at Watkins Glen, but now I know what's it's like to drive a 6 hour drive Daytona Coupe. Ilost five pouds yesterday! Thanks again Scott! A super Day!
Ditto on Bill's comments, I spent a significant amount of time crawling over Scott's car yesterday and it's a top notch build. The gaps in the body are uniform, that hardware like the fuel filler caps, instruments, headlights and suspension bits are real nice and the paint is fabulous. If I can get a finish anywhere close to that with mine I'll be real happy.

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