Tornado Spaceframe Panel set

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
GT40s Sponsor
We are now introducing a new fully CNC cut and pre folded panel set for our Spaceframe type chassis frames.

All panels are supplied fully CNC cut to shape including all access holes.

All rivet holes are pre drilled in the correct position to eliminate the time consuming task of measuring and marking each individual rivet position.

All removable access cover panels are also supplied pre cut to shape.

Panel sets are available in mild steel, aluminium, polished stainless steel or carbon fibre.

The first sets will be available early in January 2014.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
GT40s Sponsor
After a long delay due to programming problems the first sets of our spaceframe CNC panel sets were cut today.

All panels are cut to shape including notches to clear tube welds, access holes with cover plates and all rivet holes are spaced and pre drilled.

The panelling on any spaceframe GT40 is one of the biggest jobs to be undertaken during the build. These panel sets completely eliminate this very time consuming job.

A CNC floorpan is also available.