Tornado Sports Cars 35th Anniversary

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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October 2019 marks the 35th Anniversary of Tornado Sports cars.
The company was started by the Father and Son team of Alan and Andrew Sheldon back in 1984.
Back then the Company was producing a replica of the McLaren M6GT and later introduced the TS40 GT40 replica in 1989.
A replica steel monocoque chassis was introduced in 1994 along with other firsts in the GT40 replica business such as cross over exhausts and pin drive wheels.
A wide bodied V8 powered Lotus seven inspired car called the Raptor was introduced in 1998 which featured disc brakes all around and fully independent suspension at a time when most had Ford cross flows, a solid back axle and drum brakes.
The Aluminium honeycomb and Carbon fiber honeycomb GT40 chassis were introduced in 2010.
We are the longest established UK component car manufacturer still owned and operated by an original founder.
Here's to the next 35 years.
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Ian Anderson

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Congratulations Andy, a long time to prove the pedigree!

If I had not found the part built DAX when I was in the buying stage (which suits my 6’3”) I would have had one of yours.

How many cars have you turned out to date, and have you any idea how many have been completed and street registered? I recon those numbers would open a few eyes!


Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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We must be near to 2000 cars now. Its been a while since I checked.

I know we have manufactured far more than any other company ever.

Not sure how many are completed and registered.

Lots are still sitting in garages part built or not started.



Randy V

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Absolutely huge milestone Andy....
Congratulations on your achievements and wishes for many more!
35 years - great achievement and some interesting first from you guys. My 2 favourite sports cars are the McLaren M6GT and GT40.