Trade Ford GT book for original photos of two rare GTs

I need photos, amateur OK, even black and white OK, of the Ford GT that Bondurant crashed
in Sicily (111?)
as it is now, all restored (but wouldn't mind immediate post crash shot as well)

and photos of Mk. IIb 1047
as it recently appeared all spiffy
front 3/4, rear 3/4, engine, interior of both

Am willing to trade autographed new copy of Ford GT40 and the New Ford GT
224 pages, hardbound, 32 pages colour, over 100 b & w illustrations, Sold new for $60 USD


11" x 17" print on watercolour paper of original painting, signed by the artist, take your choice
--1075 Gulf livery car at Monterey
--front 3/4 GT40 roadster in red
-front 3/4 GT40 coupe original prototype
These prints sold by Pebble Beach Corp. in 2011 for $75 each.

You can write me care of [email protected].