Trade; Graziano for Porsche G50

As time has went by and my project has evolved the Graziano transmission i initially bought is physically too big for my chassie.
After some research i found out that a porsche G50 is better for me.

Therefore i wonder if anyone is interested in trading a G50 transmission for my Graziano?

My box is straight out of a R8 with R-Tronic and comes with the stock twin plate pressureplate+discs and starter gear.
I think it has an open differential, also worth mentioning is that the axle for front diff has been cut so it is not usable for awd.
The R tronic system has been removed so it just has a shaft that can be connected similar to the ZF style linkage.
Linkage has to be made or buy the parts for a full manual conversion.

The transmission is located in norway but I can ship internationally.

EDIT; ZF would also be of interest.
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