Trip to Germany and Switzerland


My father and I are heading to Switzerland and France in July to ride (bicycle) the alps and see the Tour de France. It will be seven days of biking in what I hope will be a very pretty area. On the front end of the trip we are considering flying into Frankfurt and spending a few days in Germany. I am looking for any thoughts on what to do, here is the list of things I have identified:
1) Rent a sports car and drive the Autobahn (Porsche 911)
2) Go to The Ring
3) Stop in Stuttgart and see Porsche museum
4) Drive down to Munich to see BMW museum (apparently that area on the A8 is less dense and thus less speed limits
5) Spend day or two in Lucerne to hike
6) End in Basel to start bike tour

I am looking for thoughts on where we should consider going in South Germany and what to see. Dates will be July 3rd (or there about) through July 7th when we start biking. Things we like to do revolve around biking, cars/driving, eating, hiking so the list is pretty simple. Seeing race tracks (e.g. The Ring) are high on the list, going to a driving school would be good, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts


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Please don't be offended, but a reply of ' Oh Well' to missing the Le Mans Classic suggests you've well and truly missed the plot!!
You have nothing like it in the USA.
240,000 to 350,000 hardcore petrolheads any day???
Cars you will never see in the US...... period...
Sell the bicycles for scrap is my suggestion.
[turning off all sarcasm] Thanks for pushing the topic, I will look at the schedule and see what we can come up with for the 6th. My biking does start in Basel on the 7th and that is a date i cannot be pushed. Andy, no offense taken.

Any other ideas? I am still planning on arriving Europe on the 4th.

[resuming normal sarcastic posting where appropriate]