Twin Turbo Gurney Car

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Finally getting this monster wrapped up. Took this job in before I learned how to say "no". It has been fun though. It's off at the interior shop now, then it goes to the dyno, then off to San Jose California. This car will be getting our new seats. The new seat has a nice curve to it now which gets the big guy down in the car a bit, it helps. We added side bolsters too.


Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Remember the last twin turbo 40 on here....ended up totaled when it spun into a curb? Had a Ford GT 6 speed and weighed a lot! Was advertised several times for sale as salvage and changed hands a couple of times as people didn't look closely enough at the tub damage, it needed a new tub!
Chris I am sure the purchaser in California is as happy as I am with your GT40. Beautiful job on this one and stay healthy my friend.