Twin turbo SLC half mile run

Hey Folks

thought this was rather impressive. Is it anyone on here? The paint scheme seems familiar but i don't recall anyone building a Chevy LS twin turbo SLC on this forum? It's not the one Fran built as turbos are in a different location.

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That drives me crazy about car videos too! Just play the engine and tire music, not your favorite Bieber song!

Howard Jones

I would love to see a close up stop action view as the car runs through the traps. Why? To get a idea of front aero lift in relation to rear squat. Just like to get all the info possible.

178 is plenty fast. Very few tracks will see that speed and if you have good aero balance at that speed in a straight line that would be a good start.

I am thinking about the TX mile at some point as sort of a see what it will do type of thing. But lots of things to do first.

Good job!!!