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Takis M.

Hi Guys,
Whilst I am waiting for my chassis and other parts to show up I am researching various aspects of the build and currently obsessing about tyres.
I am defiant in my use of 15 inch wheels despite it limiting my tyre choice. Are these the only rear tyre choices available for 15 inch wheels? I am struggling to find others and yet each of the below has its own reason for my not wishing to fit them (or am I overthinking the whole thing)?
I would like to have a classic original look as much as possible.
Have i missed any tyres from the list? Would certainly like to fit over 300 width and the tyres to be mainly for road (with the odd track day). It is important that the tyres are super grippy for road use in both dry and wet (even though I don’t plan on taking her out in the wet I may have to drive her back in the wet). Thanks.

ManufacturerTyre modelTyre width (mm)Tyre sidewall (total, inches)Comment
DunlopCR8234510.7Apparently rubbish tyres
AvonCR6ZZ29511.95Not wide enough for me
PirelliPZero3459.8Sidewall too small
MichelinTB53359.25Sidewall too small


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There's one more in the Pirelli range now a P7 Cinturato but it's still a 335/35 short sidewall profile, the advantage is there's a matching 285/40 if you want a 10" wide profile front tyre too. That's about it unless you are prepared to go to a historic racing wet tread, which is what I ended up doing.

Takis M.

Hi Julian,
I will go for an 8.5 inch front with 245 section. Probably not more than that. Although as I said I am currently in the throes of obsessive research of wheels and tyre choice and it could yet change.
Meantime, can you give me some more details about the historic wet tread tyre make and sizes? Are they grippy on the roads in the dry (i.e. better than the Dunlop CR82’s)?
Thanks for getting back.

Takis M.

Neil, Just took a look at the Hoosier pro-street tyres. How grippy are they? Are they better than the Dunlop CR82’s? How do they perform in the dry and wet - something like the Avon’s?


I'm a little confused by your chart. You're OK with the Pirelli and Michelin nominal width of 335-345mm, but sidewall width too narrow. Yet the Avon sidewall of almost 12" is negated by a nominal 295mm width? Isn't the actual sidewall width more important than a nominal marking on the tire?
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Takis M.

You’re right DaveM and I need to look more into the actual sizes when on the wheels. I had in mind 15x12 rears and 15x8.5 fronts. But fitting he Avon 295’s to a 12inch wide rear wheel might be too much of a stretch and also affect the look of the side wall. I have seen photos of GT40’s with 15x12’s on the rear and Dunlop CR82 530/1360-15. To me the photos of this setup look amazing on this car. But the CR82’s are supposed to be lacking in road manners from various threads I read on here. So I am after a similar size to this but in better rubber.....hence my search......

Ian Anderson

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You are in the UK you will need a V rathed tyre or higher to pass IVA

15 inch rims puts you in Avon’s and not much else to get a 26 inch diameter.


Takis M.

I was afraid of that Ian. I have some time before getting to that stage so will keep an eye out just in case something else comes along, in the meantime I haven’t found any others except for the Avons.....thanks.

Brian Stewart
Hi, Attached are a few photos of my set-up.. These are Avon 295 on 15 x 12" rims.

Takis M.

Brian, thank you for taking the time to post these photos.
Wow, stunning car.....just makes me more impatient to start mine (knowing full well that its gonna be a long time before I can finish it).
So that's put my mind at ease. The 295 Avons on 15x12's have that classic look. I can rest a little easier now. Thank you again Brian.
By the way what finish is that on your wheels?
295 Avon’s on 12” rears for me too, take a bit if persuading to stretch on initially but not over stretched, decent tyres and look the part too imo.

Takis M.

Yep, Paulbav - I agree. From what I saw of Brian’s photos looks like the way to go with the Avon’s and 12inch rear wheels. It has set my mind at ease somewhat and i can now move on and obsess about other parts of the build...... (no doubt I will return to wheels and tyres again in the coming months but at least this has stopped me obsessing!).