Used 930 Transaxle Purchase

I have the opportunity to possibly purchase an unflipped 930 transaxle with LSD along with a cable shift, small block chevy adapter, and some other odds and ends for a reasonable price. I know very little about this type of transaxle, and it would be about a third of the value of this parts package. It has been out of a car for 10 years or longer, and looks clean in photos. The owner has no idea what year it is. Aside from obvious external damage and play, what should I look for when I examine it?
I would suggest if you don't know anything about a 930, is to take it to a Porsche dealer, or a good Porsche repair shop. Have them pull the rear cover to inspect the gears and the bearings to see if it has been rebuilt. They might even be able to tell you how long before it needs a rebuild. They will know as soon as they open it. The case bearings may show some wear(some dark marks on the bearing which is normal). Get the shop to do the "drop down test" on the case bearing. The drop test is where they take a plug and try and pass it through the case bearing. If is passes through, the case bearing needs replacing. It is possible that it is rebuilt, and they just assumed the case bearing was O K. Replacing the case bearing is a shop only procedure. A proper rebuild can cost upwardds of $3K. 930s are solid as a rock and should give you good service.

Thanks Bill, that is helpful. I already have an 01E and am debating on whether or not to pursue this, as I would likely sell it outright and keep the other package parts. The price is right on the edge of being worth the risk....

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
The repair/rebuild could pretty easily match the price paid for the transaxle. Typical replacement for these boxes is the synchronizer rings (or their counterpart considering the nature of the 930). I believe I paid a little over 3K for a complete rebuild, plus some minor parts to beef up the bearing area and to insert fittings for inverted operation with a pump. From the outside, the shifting was a little stiff in a couple of gears prior to the rebuild, but nothing obviously wrong. They are just plain expensive to rebuild.
Thanks Terry. I got a quote for the rebuild from a local shop that lines up with your number. The seller has now seen what rebuilt ones go for on Ebay buy it now and has stars in his eyes...I think I lost this one.
I bought mine off Ebay. Look it up on DRB#5. Quite a story. If you decide to get one off Ebay, be sure you make them include an inspection of the trans. If necessary put the funds in an escrow account with a few days to get it inspected. Then do your due dilagence and make sure it is what you agreed on. Mine, was to be rebuilt. When I got it it wasn't Read my story for the "rest of the story". My seller was a good guy and we worked it out. That is how I know about the trans.