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Hi Guys
I've been off the forum for quite some time and I see personal messages from years past to me asking for VIN plates. I apologize for the no response but I've been out of the country for years.

That said - YES, I still make VIN plates for GT40's. FAV, FoMoCo, JWE...all of them. It's best to contact me directly at [email protected]. Obviously the PM method has not been useful for this purpose.

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Brian Kissel

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It's good to see you back Lynn. There have been several inquires over the years asking about them. I'll be in touch.

Regards Brian

Great to see you back!

As one who presumably has some expertise in such matters, perhaps you would be good enough to give a primer on the topic, showing the evolution of the various tags and describing which kind of tag would have originally appeared on which kind of GT40? I’m sure we would all be interested, and if a person is attempting to replicate a car from a specific timeframe or type of car, it would make their buying decision clearer.

Thanks! And welcome once more!

Doug S.

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Lynn! Great to see you on the forum again!!!

Out of the country for years would certainly explain your absence...welcome home!

Cheers to you and your return, Lynn!

Sheesh - I can't even enter my own email address correctly in the original post. It is : [email protected]

Below is an image of the styles I have available. I can make any custom plate as well but obviously I need to generate artwork.

As to Mike Drew's suggestion about the history of these plates, which one(s) to use and where to mount them, that is a tough call. My research shows that there was no "standard" Clearly the FAV and JWE plates were put on cars from those sources but the FoMoCo plates were used on some...but not all cars.

The FoMoCo plates were mounted on the engine bulkhead on the left side below the fuel pumps.

VIN plate location varied somewhat (usually over the outside shoulder of the passenger side - inside bulkhead) but even that varied. Some sere mounted down on the passenger side where the door latch is.

After seeing originals in museums and car shows, it's apparent that none of them were "created equal".

Some plates were anodized aluminum (like the image below) and I've seen some that were screen printed black over brass (I make those too on request).

So, you see it's tough to nail down exactly what is the most "accurate" for "your
" car.

Price of these plates is $35 plus postage ($3 USA, $13 worldwide).

They come unstamped at that price. If you want the numbers stamped in, then the cost is $70 because it's tedious to do correctly and I nearly always destroy one in the process.

Sorry - the image didn't post. I have forgotten how to post an image on the forum. If I click on the "insert image" button, it asks for a http:/ link.:sad:

Brian Stewart
Hi Lynn. Great to see you back.

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