Vintage Car Badge -- GT40 and (Other Car?)

Rob Briggs

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I recently purchased this badge online because it had a GT40 on it (the car in the rear). I thought I knew what the red car was until I got the badge in the mail and inspected it more distinguishing feature gave it away because it originally appeared on the car in one year only. Hopefully you can blow up the pic on your screen...see if you can identify the car!



Rob Briggs

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40bud got it. The 1968 Porsche 908 Coupe. That year the two small lower front air vents were not oblong one on one side (where the tow hook was) and a round one on the other side. In 1969 the vents were oblong on both sides.

Randy V

Again - these are not faithful drawings of the cars which makes it difficult at times to differentiate between the caricature and real life..

Rob Briggs

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Yea, give credit to the guy that designed this item and, knowing, that the images would be a little crude, came up with some small feature to distinguish the car. Of course, there's no grill to mount this on my GT40!
Must have been made in France. This was in the the 4 year winning cycle for the GT's, butt yet they put the "looser" in front! What more could one expect...........