Vinyl Stripes

I was wondering what the general feel is about vinyl stripping.
I was thinking about painting stripes and number patches but it is a double up in paint work and body fitting .
I do think of the practical side off things.

At the end of the day it will be my decision but if some have done it and regret it I would like to here.
If anyone has used a particular product and are impressed I would like to here.

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Does this mean you are nearly finished? What colour are you thinking of?

I organised my painted stripes without an additional body fitting. Before sending my body panels to the paint shop I put string over them (while on the car) and marked the centre line by making nicks at each end of the fibreglass panels in the edges which are turned underneath and not normally seem. That was sufficient for the front and rear panels, spider and nostrils but not for the doors. For those I cut out pieces of cardboard (each a bit like a big D) that could be placed on top of each door to show where the edge of the stripe needed to go. I also had another piece of cardboard - a skinny rectangle - that was as long as the total width of the stripes and was used at the paint shop when we taped the edges of where the stripes were going.

It all worked out well although like all stripes you can notice minor imperfections in the alignment if you look hard enough.


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Ha Jim,
I did vinyl stripes on my last car for the GT40 symbols and after about one summer they shrunk about 1/4" that sucked!!! paint is the only way to go.


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Overall, I'm generally a proponent of stipping, unless it's my daughter that's doing it, as I think there are other professions for which she would be better suited.

Good stipping certainly requires wonderful muscle control, and therefore should be something which commands appropriate compensation to the level of skill.

My local stipping place does quite a business and obviously is quite profitable. They seem to have talented stippers. I assume there may be a range of talent and skill levels at other stipping establishments. Perhaps I'll do a little more research on the subject and report back findings to the forum here. Pictures and visuals are always good with such a topic.


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Cliff, not all strippers or those businesses which supply strippers are successful. I heard on the news that the lusty lady in Seattle will no longer be in the business of stripping....I thought, like you, that was a recession proof business, but apparently not. :)

Randy V

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Certainly there variations in grade / quality of vinyl stripes.. I've had vinyl stripes on a number of my cars in the past and some went a very long time before they were degraded. Those on my Mustang (shown below) were very high quality 3M material with UV protection built in.
No - Vinyl stripes will never be as smooth as painted stripes, but then, they're not permanent either.. They will allow you to change things up should you get tired of the look - or - should it not look as though you had anticipated..

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Yes ,close ,just finished making the wheels , engineering in 3 weeks or so.
Drove the car for the first time today and all is well.
I couldnt pick anything in particular so that is a good thing.
Octane orange.

Big foot
I wouldnt complain about those stripes.
I do think it does come down to the quality of the product.

I thank you all for the input

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Jim the guys when painting my car had me assemble the body after they had primed and sanded it twice, they then masked the stripes. I than disassembled the body they painted the stripes, masked the stripes and painted the body. Finished product is great with hardly any line to see or feel between stripes and body colour. A bit of mucking around I admit but why not do the best job you can when you are so close.

Darrell DRB 46
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I have to be honest I think vinyl is a practical way to go but to a degree I feel that it would be looked at as a short cut, that bothers me because I have put a lot into this project.
Unfortunatly we all know these cars get scrutinized and I get the feeling it maybe getting stripes painted for that reason.

Is my train of thought correct ????.


Randy V

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I believe you're reckoning is straight Jim...

If you're positively sure of the stripe design and colors, I would paint them on.
I will be on my car. The stripes on my Mustang were also to be permanent, but I would not put that car in the same budget category as my GT40.
The Mustang was a daily driver while the GT40 will not be.


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This is all opinion, but I agree that painted graphics elevate the "status" of the car. Conversly, vinyl lowers the "status" of the car. However, Ian does bring up an interesting point about logos and other paraphenalia that you may be putting on the car. If those are painted, you are looking at a significant increase in the cost of your paint job (even if you are doing it yourself).

If it were me, I would paint the stripes. If I were putting logos on the car, I'd probably put those on in vinyl (and I'm not sure anybody would think twice about vinyl logos on a car with otherwise painted graphics).

Again, all of this falls into the category of personal opinion, whether from the person giving advice or the person scrutinizing your finished car.

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I would go for a painted stripe for sure. But Ive seen some cars were the stripe has been painted and its been fairly disastrous. I think it comes down to the quality of the masking tape used and the time spent laying it up. What you need is a tape that is very stable and has no 'stretch' in it what so ever and has a very sharply defined edge. Dont use that masking tape you get from the local hardware shop and that you see all over the place. This stuff has a crape like texture and Ive seen heaps of cars where the paint has 'crept' under the edge of the tape with capillary action, and the line is poorly defined and it ends up looking like crap. You should be able to find a shop over there that sells a big range of adhesive tapes that you can go and look at and choose what you want. Its worth spending the time to look at a sample. I painted a bike years back I know its worth it. Good luck mate.

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Big foot positive of design, It will be the same as the Yamaha team cars but Octane orange instead of Yellow.

Ian, no stickers so that will make it easier.

You are correct it is personal opinion but deep deep down when I get honest with myself I do care what other 40 owners think as they are your hardest critics.

Fred all the paint will be handled by a painter that I have known for 25years,I dont trust myself to do this car.

As Darrell has said do the mucking around and get it done.
A thank you to all who replied ,it would be wise to paint, If this where a race car i would not hesitate with vinyl but if it is a roady painted stripes is part of the deal it seems.

Thanks guys.
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If you use professional grade 2.1 mil high-gloss vinyl film it literally is the thickness of a couple of coats of paint. It is designed to compete with paint applications but is ultimately up to the owner.

Just food for thought-


Ron Earp

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Vinyl. You are replicating a race car. Good quality vinyl ends up looking, surprise surprise, really good, while poor or mediocre materials don't cut it.
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Cliff, not all strippers or those businesses which supply strippers are successful. I heard on the news that the lusty lady in Seattle will no longer be in the business of stripping....I thought, like you, that was a recession proof business, but apparently not. :)
Yup, nothing is recession proof....well, except bankruptcy lawyers......that's pretty solid in a down economy.....

Sorry to hear that fine establishment will be departing the scene. Can't say as I've ever been in there, but I have enjoyed the crude little sayings they put on their sign board out front - seems they have a sense of humor at least!

Now I get it, this thread is actually about striping, not stripping.......pardon my confusion!