Wanted: complete or incomplete GT40

If you want to exchange your GT40 replica for CASH
I am interested in a

GT40 Replica
Lola T70 spyder
RCR superlite coupe
Ultima GTR
something interesting or unusual.

I'm am primarily interested in a Mk1 GT40 replica
bonus = well fitting body panels, excellent paint
and a color I like and the more authentic the better,
except for looking 50 years old and beat up.
Not that authentic.

Ford small block Audi 01E 6spd or better transmission.
Any safety features semi-roll cage, fire suppression, etc.
California Sb100 is a bonus.

negative = Audi 016 transmission(pinion bearing disc item),
not running, body panel stress cracks. Unregistered or
registration problems. right hand drive (subjective)

budget is $35,000 to $75,000 depending on quality of build and
many factors. I'm looking for a used car that I can tinker with.
The less tinkering the better. I don't have the budget for a new
turnkey, trailer queen or a TOP tier construction.

I'm a fair guy and not looking to screw anyone.
I am NOT a dealer this is for my personal car to drive.

send info to [email protected]
Located in Nor California.
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