Wanted: Floor Jack Cross Beam

Is there anyone on this forum making a custom floor jack cross beam that fits our SPF GT40 lifting points? One that mounts to the jack pad hole. I saw one at Harbor Freight, but it's not wide enough. It also would also need modifications to make it work safety.
I have a design done for one that will work with either the MK I or MK II jack points and would have "tabs" to locate the quick jacks and prevent sliding off.

The question is will it work with a variety of jacks (different heights at rest) and different sizes of the hole the regular jack pad locates into. Also cost to build vs. what we can sell for? Perhaps I will just post the design and you guys can build you own?
Rick, thanks for your reply.

What about if there was simply a hole in the center of the beam someone could use a bolt and nut to make it fit various jacks. I'm not a fabricator or a welder. I also don't know of anyone who could make it for me. I'm interested in buying one... ready to use.

Maybe if there's enough interest here someone could make a few and sell them. Anyone else interested in buying a floor jack cross beam for their GT40 or Cobra?

Tim Kay

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I've sketched one out I'm going to fabricate in the coming weeks. I'll post here when it's done.