Water proof GT40?


Just out of interest, has anybody managed to get their GT40 replica to be watertight in the cockpit area? I know it’s a “they all leak sir” vehicle but was just wondering.....


Just wear a black bin liner plus Sowester you'll be fine!!!! :)
Mine is not quite that far built so cannot comment but from what I can see in the build so far it would be a bugger to get bone dry

Larry L.

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A watertight GT40.....................the 'holy grail' of GT40 ownership!
One would assume it IS attainable, but 'would likely be very time and $$$ consuming. (The '05/'06 Ford GT's are proof it can be done).
I would imagine the first thing one would have to do is weld shut the 10,000-or-so unnecessary holes in what would be the 'firewall' in a front engine car! That thing is a sieve.

Mike Pass

My 40 is also watertight. It takes a long time and many different profiles of rubber seal. I think one of the main problems is where the door tops are essentially flat. The door top slides rather than just meeting edge to edge so if the seal is tight enough to seal there is too much friction so I put a thin wipe of silicone grease on the rubber and on this top part of the door to allow the door to slide shut easily I also have the clips on the inner edges which hold the door down firmly when the door is shut.

Ian Anderson

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Mine leaks, windo flaps even when closed have a small gap between flap and main window so rain can get in there,

bottom of door to sill, water seeps in there in heavy rain. Manages to get in past a bulb seal and dampens the sill carpet.

The DAX uses a removable fiberglass cover over pedal area and some weaping happens around there. Or if you hit a deep puddle drips on your feet.

this after a lot of sealing!


Brian Stewart
I've never bothered to try - too many holes. Just carry a small bucket for bailing and a towel to mop up.

Randy V

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Those of you with water tight GTs should show off your door gaskets & sealing surfaces - particularly the bottom of the door..