Weekend trip coincidences

Just been on a weekend trip to Bournemouth in the UK. Two unexpected coincidences one of which has sparked a question and the other just a great way to start a weekend so wanted to share. Driving along the south coast road from Exeter, past Seaton and heading towards Bridport we saw a dark coloured GT40 coming in the opposite direction. As it went past I'm sure it had a Mk111 back end but cannot remember if it also was a Mk111 front end. I am not aware of a car like that local to us so if it is you or you know who it is I would love to know. Secondly having arrived at our hotel, chosen at random for having a good deal, who should be in front of us in the queue but Max and Maxine, for those who don't know, Max being the former membership secretary for the GT40 enthusiast club here in the UK and to whose wedding I attended with a number of other 40 owners, it was great to catch up again and what a small world it is.